Christmas Door Decor Ideas To Dress Entranceways With Festive Cheer

Posted on: 2 December 2021

Christmas door decor ideas to dress entranceways with festive cheer

Making a festive first impression is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your Christmas decorating scheme. Decorating the exterior of a house also extends festive cheer to neighbours and those who passing-by, an ideal way to offer season’s greetings to the wider community.

Christmas door decor ideas

Christmas ideas to dress the outside of your home will offer festive cheer for all who see it. Door provide a blank canvas to add festive floral wreaths, twinkling fairy lights and characterful Christmas characters to welcome happy Christmas spirits to the everyone who crosses the threshold.


1. Set the scene


Image credit: Future/ Dominic Blackmore

Create a festive showcase at your front to fully embrace seasonal decorating. Add lanterns to window ledges and steps to add ambience after dark. Dress the front door itself with a generous Christmas wreath, in a colour that coordinates with the rest of your chosen decorations. Decorate the windows either side of the front door with stickers or faux snow to add a whimsical touch to the setting.

Hang simple yet captivating paper ball decorations beside the front door to add an element of fun to the festivities.

2. Get creative with a balloon arch


Image credit: Ginger Ray

The mighty balloon arch has become THE must-have detail for any well-dressed party. It may look like a lot of effort, but it’s actually a fairly simple thing to make – all your require is a balloon pump and a whole lot of patience. This quirky kits comes with 240 balloons in total, plus everything you need to make your front door balloon arch.

Top tip: probably best saved for the days when you know you have guests arriving, less chance of deflating balloons ruining the look.

3. Add ornaments to a seasonal wreath


Image credit: Future/ Simon Whitmore

Cement the feeling of Christmas decorating by adding quirky ornaments and baubles to your front door wreath. Choose to brighten up a plain foliage wreath with decorations of your choosing – providing a great opportunity to add bold accent colours.

It also allows homeowners to tie a decorating scheme together, from inside to out. Simply coordinate the decorations with those inside on the Christmas tree to create a flow for your decorating scheme.

4. Wrap the door with a bow


Image credit: Future

A growing trend is the vision of the front door wrapped in a giant bow, as if being finished in the style of a perfectly wrapped present. It started as a popular celebrity trend but has now swept the nation as one of the most on-trend decorating practices for festive front doors.

All you need to wrap your own front door is two wide lengths of fabric, which you attach securely on the bottom and top, then both sides of the door – drawing pins should do the trick, or a staple gun. Bring the ends together in the middle on the front of the door and tie a bow.

5. Go oversized to add impact


Image credit: Future/ Rachel Whiting

It tis but once a year, so why keep it tame?! Go for a dramatically oversized wreath to fill the front door to really make a statement with your decorations this year.

The only thing to consider if you’re going bigger with the wreath, especially if it’s real, it will weigh more – so ensure your source of hanging it can take the weight.

6. Wrap and top with a wreath


Image credit: Max Attenborough

Wrap the door but in a more understated way than a giant ribbon and bow, adding a wreath as a ‘present’ topper. Make the bow less of a main attraction and opt for a simple wide ribbon to dress the door from top to bottom, left to right. Place a beautifully made wreath on top, adding streams of ribbon to it to coordinate with the door ribbon.

7. Adorn the door with alternative foliage


Image credit: Future/ David Parmiter

There’s nothing quite like the look of a fresh foliage wreath, starring as the main attraction on a front door. This seasonal wreath filled with hearty hydrangeas and artichoke flowers shows how impactful real foliage can be – even when it’s not your typical spray of seasonal flowers.

Be aware that a fresh foliage wreath will be heavier than a faux design, because the foam will need to be damp in order to keep the flowers looking fresh for the duration it’s. on the door. We recommend spritzing the flower heads with a light water spray throughout the duration of Christmas, to keep it moist.

8. Welcome Christmas characters to the doorstep


image credit:

You can’t go wrong when you welcome cheerful Christmas characters to dress doorsteps. Although not technically a door decor detail, a light up figure will enhance the front door from by illuminating the doorstep or path leading to it.

9. Coordinate a colour scheme


Image credit: Annie Sloan

For a sophisticated approach to seasonal decorating stick to one colour palette, matching the colour of your Christmas door decor with that of the front door. This elegant green front door is painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Amsterdam Green. The green colour is then echoed within a simple yet stunning rustic Christmas wreath.

The subtle decorating approach suits the house, showing that you can still create a stunning Christmas door decor idea without going OTT.

10. Decorate the porch with lights


Image credit:

Shine a light above your front door by dressing the porch with a net of fairy lights, to offer full coverage. The smart web-like wire is easy to hang on the underside of a porch to create a blanket of lights, like stars, above to beautifully illuminate the front door.

How do you decorate a Christmas door?

You can decorate a Christmas door in a number of ways. Firstly with a simple festive wreath, the icon of  festive door decor. Lights are a brilliant way to add festive sparkle to front doors, to extend a warm welcome to guests.

Balloon arches are the decorating trend of the moment, adding wow factor to front doors in an instant.

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